Best Tequila Aged in Wine Barrels and Why ‘Rosa Tequila’ is the Next Tequila Trend


Getty Images, Creative

Tequila aged in bourbon and whiskey barrels has been the norm since tequila started to be aged.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the flavor, but I am even more excited about what I think will be the next tastiest trend in the tequila world—tequila aged in wine barrels. Here are some of my favorite sips and tips for getting into this cask-aging world of tequila. (Someone play Tequilawine by Olivia O’Brien so we can get right into it)

As a woman in the tequila industry, you guys already know I have to highlight a couple of my favorite women-owned tequilas that are aged in wine barrels. 

First on the list is Inspiro Rosa Reposado. Not only is every part of the distillation process by women, but the tequila is also pink, which seems most appropriate if you ask me! This reposado is aged in French Rose barrels and is later finished off in pinot noir barrels. The taste of roasted agave is still front and center but the expression also has some sweet, fruity, nutty, and slightly floral complimentary notes. I’m a huge fan of this one as well as their blanco, which was a huge hit at my bachelorette party. If it’s not only produced by, but also loved by women, what more could you ask for?

Next on list of my favorite tequila aged in wine barrels is Montagave Blanco. This expression is so good that I’m reluctant to share it with anyone else! As the name suggests, this tequila is aged in wine barrels for just under two months, so it is technically a blanco. It is made at the Cascahuin distillery (NOM 1123), which means that the signature flavor of the minerally lowlands is still present through barrel aging. What I like most about Montagave is that you get all of the sweet flavors of agave, earthiness, fruitiness, and the tannins of wine all in one sip. Did I mention this one is also co-owned by a woman?

Another big hit on my girls nights out is the Código 1530 Rosa. Aged in Napa Valley wine barrels for one month, this one is also a blanco even with its gorgeous pink hue. The barrels are sent from Napa Valley still wet with residual wine and only used to age rosa tequila once. After that first use, the barrel is used for the other classes of tequila. Roasted agave and tannins are the most present flavor notes in this tequila. (Buy Codigo 1530 Blanco Rosa on Sip Tequila)

Another one of my favorites is Amor Indio. The añejo expression is aged for 18 months in French oak wine barrels from the greater California region. Their entire line is actually aged in these same barrels, so you’ll notice many of those familiar delicious flavors in each expression to different extents. 

Last but certainly not least is Patrón Sherry Cask Añejo. Because this expression is aged in sherry wine barrels, it is sweet, nutty, buttery, but also has some whiskey-like qualities. If you are making your way over from the whiskey world to the tequila world, make sure you pick up one of these bottles.

It’s so exciting when two worlds collide, especially when they are the worlds of tequila and wine. I am hopeful that this trend stays around for a while!