Colonel E. H. Taylor Jr. Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey Review

Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey Review

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Buffalo Trace Distillery (BTD) in Frankfort, Kentucky, produces some of the most sought-after bourbon in all the land, including their lines of Van Winkle, W.L. Weller, Eagle Rare, and Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr.

The latter is what’s in our glass today. The Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. collection features more than a dozen bottles—some allocated, some limited releases (all increasingly harder to find on shelves). However, we managed to snag a bottle of Col. E.H. Taylor Jr. Small Batch at one of our favorite Nashville-area liquor stores, CNG Wine & Spirits in Murfreesboro, TN.

Let’s get sipping to see what the Colonel brings to the table.

At a Glance

  • Distillery: Buffalo Trace Distillery
  • Location: Frankfort, KY
  • Style: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Age: Not Stated
  • Mashbill: Not Stated (rumored BTD #1 low-rye)
  • Proof: 100
  • MSRP: $45
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(photo by Outsider)

Col. E.H. Taylor Small Batch: What We Say

Noselight alcohol, caramel, corn tortilla, dried apricot, raisin, orange zest
Palatehoneycomb, caramel, cinnamon-raisin bread, butter, marshmallow cream
Finishmedium, mellow, Duck Fat Caramel, tobacco, hint of mint
What You Can Expect to Pay$50-$75
Buy It: Now, Soon, Later, NeverSoon
Outsider Rating88/100

Col. E.H. Old Taylor Small Batch opens with just a touch of light alcohol heat on the nose, before immediately easing into warm caramel. A deeper nosedive reveals dried fruit—apricot and some raisin—as well as the sweetness of a fresh-made corn tortilla. Finally, there’s a tinge of citrus in the form of orange zest. Fantastic.

On the palate, like the nose, there’s just a touch of heat that smooths out very quickly. Rich honeycomb and caramel are forefront. And then, it’s like a thick slice of fresh-baked cinnamon-raisin bread with a pat of melted butter. A bit of chewing reveals more creamy sweetness on the backside à la marshmallow creme (Marshmallow Fluff, anyone?).

The finish is medium and so, so mellow. Final notes of a rich Duck Fat Caramel and a touch of tobacco, with just the slightest hint of mint to remind you of the low-rye mashbill. Outstanding. Pour another one.

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What Buffalo Trace Says About Taylor Small Batch

Made by hand, this Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey has been aged inside century old warehouses constructed by E.H. Taylor, Jr. Barrels are evaluated and selected to create a perfect blend of distinctive character that is like no other. This bourbon is a true sipping bourbon that honors the uncompromising legacy of E.H. Taylor, Jr.

Tastes of caramel corn sweetness mingled with butterscotch and licorice. The aftertaste is a soft mouthfeel that turns into subtle spices of pepper and tobacco.

Recommended Sip

Sip this neat. That’s a direct order from your Colonel. There’s no need for ice, water, or—audible gasp—a mixer.

If You Want More Heat, Try

(photo by Outsider)
  • Benchmark Full Proof
  • Distillery: Buffalo Trace Distillery
  • Location: Frankfort, KY
  • Style: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Proof: 125
  • MSRP: $22
  • Full Review

Benchmark Full Proof and Taylor Small Batch are rumored to come from the same BTD low-rye mash bill. And, they even share some tasting notes, but Benchmark Full Proof delivers the cinnamon heat on its medium-long finish. Of course, that $22 price tag is outta this world.