El Tesoro 85th Anniversary Extra Añejo Review & Unboxing

Lucas Assis02/07/23

Image courtesy El Tesoro Website

Around two weeks ago, I received an unexpected (but welcomed!) package from El Tesoro to help celebrate its 85th anniversary. The unboxing, which was featured in one of my most recent TikToks, was an experience in itself. Immediately after opening the box, I opened what is the nicest card I’d ever received. The card (pretty sure it was on a tablet?!) played an awesome video introducing El Tesoro Tequila’s limited edition extra añejo bottle that everyone is going crazy for right now.

The package came with some other goodies that I talk more about in my video, but let’s get to the main event: the tequila, what it tasted like, and if it’s worth your time and money. 

@thelucasassis_ Well that is quite a surprise. El Tesoro, thank you so much for sending this incredible gift today. I'm speechless and can't wait to try this very soon! #unboxing #agave #mexico #cocktails #bartender ♬ original sound – Lucas Assis

Now to the tequila. 

El Tesoro 85th Anniversary Tequila Extra Añejo

MSRP: $499 USD
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Barrel Type/Source: This tequila was aged using Booker’s bourbon (one of my favorite bourbons of all time). It rests for 36 months in Booker’s 30th anniversary barrels in a partnership with El Tesoro’s maestro Carlos Camarena and Jim Beam’s master distiller Freddie Noe. The partnership is highlighted with an engraving on the accompanying case.

Aroma: At the first sniff you can tell there’s a nice proof on it (85-proof for those of you who are wondering). The most catching notes were those of cinnamon and baking spice with hints of chocolate and coffee. I also picked up on a mix of maple, caramel, and vanilla, along with some other beautifully sweet notes. I was thinking there may have been some banana funkiness in the blend, but they were definitely intriguing and enticing. The nose finishes with a nice fruity acidity and light funkiness—almost like a very ripe plum. 

Flavor: This is CREAMY, and I love it. The tequila’s flavor coats the entire mouth and tongue. I mean, you can even feel its viscosity! That isn’t all too surprising, though, especially since the legs on this tequila are incredible; it’s like they stick to the side of the glass. I was pleased when the beginning of the taste was a balance of sweet and spicy, which is possibly my favorite flavor combination. With the first taste I noticed a note of white pepper. The taste was pretty strong, though it didn’t overtake the entire mouth. Instead, the white pepper really took over the middle part of my tongue. The spiciness is then mellowed out by a punch of cooked agave with cinnamon, baking spices, and the one-of-a-kind sweetness of chocolate. The proof is definitely present here, and it really makes an already incredible tasting experience even better. I think the most unique part of the proof is that it guides you through all the notes the expression has to offer. As for the finish, the tasting ended with a lingering anise and acidity. I particularly enjoyed the red currants and the hint of black licorice that ended with a hint of a salty, mineral brine. This tequila truly takes you on a journey of flavors. Needless to say, I love it.

My rating out of 100: I would say 89-90. It’s a truly delicious tequila. The MSRP is out of the price range of many aficionados wanting to try this, but if you have the money, this is a must for the taste, the story, and the collectibility. If it’s out of budget, don’t worry! There are tequilas that are just as good without the price tag.  

Overall, I’m speechless and so thankful for the opportunity to get my hands on El Tesoro Tequila’s 85th edition tequila. Salucita!