Eric Church Announces Whiskey JYPSI


Photo from Whiskey JYPSY Website

Country music singer (and whiskey-lover) Eric Church has announced he is releasing a whiskey with entrepreneur Raj Alva. The pair worked with whiskey maker Ari Sussman to create the blend they are calling Whiskey JYPSI.

The name is a contemporary interpretation of the gypsy spirit – or in this case, the JYPSI spirit. “We’re all born beautifully wild until the world tames it out of us. And no matter what they say, there’s still al little jypsi in all of us,” the whiskey’s website says.

Batch 001, titled “The Journey,” uses a new approach to the typical mash bill. While typical mash bills list the percentage of grains, JYPSI’s is a sort of “deconstructed mash bill.” It is a blend of aged whiskeys, and it’s mash bill represents the percentages of each of those blended components.

The creation of that blend took two years of experimentation, which whiskey maker Ari Sussman enjoyed greatly. He says, “There were no rules or parameters. It just had to be the finest whiskey possible. Period.”

After the lengthy, creative process, the team came up with the following blend for their first release:

70% – 7 Year Bourbon (99% Corn, 1% Malt)
21% – 20 Year Rye (91% Rye, 9% Malt)
9% – 4 Year Bourbon (100% Malted Barley)

The blend is 57.5% Alc/Volume and bottled by Whiskey JYPSI in Morrison, TN.

Judging Chairman and Co-Founder of the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, F. Paul Pacult, says the whiskey “possesses many of the fully integrated attributes that call to mind thoughts such as ‘benchmark’ and ‘classsical elegance”

Eric Church previously released a Single Barrel Select with Jack Daniel’s (along with a song dedicated to the brand). The single barrel select, picked by Master Distiller Jeff Arnett was specially created to be sipped “Eric’s way”: Neat with great music and in good company.

Whiskey JYPSI’s Legacy Batch 001 is currently on presale registration, meaning you can enter for a first chance at the pre-sale. It is limited edition and will only be available online and in Tennessee retailers while supplies last. The product cannot be shipped to TN, AL, AK, GA, HI, KS, MA, MI, MS, OR, UT, and VT due to local regulations.