Get to Know Jeff Bradford: Veteran, Sipper, and Explorer

Jeff Bradford01/30/23
Jeff Bradford Bio

My name is Jeff Bradford, and I am in the business of curiosity. 

After a 20-year military career full of jumping out of airplanes, shooting guns, and blowing sh#% up, I decided to go all in on my passion. I felt like if I did not take the chance then, I would regret it in 30 years. So in 2018, I sold everything I owned and started Drink Destinations with Jeff Bradford. The goal: learn from (and work with) brewers, winemakers, and distillers to share their stories with the world.

The idea was born during my time in the military. On the weekends, I would find myself trying drinks in restaurants and leaving with more questions than answers; wanting to know how they were made, where the ingredients came from, and what their story was. I traveled all over with the army, from Afghanistan to Italy. The travels made one thing clear: What you hear about many places is not always the reality. How we imagine a place, built upon the stories we’ve been told for so long, is typically just a version of the truth, a slight glimpse into the real occurrences of that location. I learned I could relate to a father in Iraq and a working man in Germany. I learned people with completely different experiences can still share human truths than connect us. The global enjoyment of beer, wine, and spirits (and the craftsmanship that goes into it) help demonstrate that perfectly. My mission with Drink Destinations is to not only show how to make unbelievable drinks but also to provide an authentic experience wherever I am. Connecting people across cultures using a common language of sipping.

With each stop on the map, I reveal time-honored traditions, cultural influences, and industry practices. If one of my videos makes someone decide to travel somewhere I’ve been and experienced the culture for themselves, I have succeeded. 

I like to learn by doing. When I visit somewhere, I want to completely immerse myself both in the culture of the area and the process of making the spirit, so I can authentically share the story of the people and that place. You’ll see me harvest grapes and chop agave. I want to show every step that goes into making the drinks that we associate with our favorite celebrations, special events, and amazing moments with those we love. 

I love connecting with people, so if you ever want to chat or have somewhere I should check out, shoot me a DM on Instagram @jeffrey.p.bradford. I’m kicking off 2023 with 12 episodes exploring some of the most unique distilleries in Europe.

I hope you join me on this journey to find the next fascinating story about beer, wine, or spirits. I am excited to join Sip and Outsider to tell my stories to more people and share this content with all Outsider. Be sure to come back for travel updates and more videos from my adventures.


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