Jack Daniel’s 10-Year-Old Batch 2 Tennessee Whiskey Review

Jack Daniel's 10-Year-Old Batch 2 Tennessee Whiskey Review

(photos by Brandon Chesbro: Outsider)

Jack Daniel’s Distillery dropped its first age-stated bottle in more than 100 years when the iconic whiskey brand released Jack Daniel’s 10-Year-Old Tennessee Whiskey in September 2021. Last week, the Distillery released Jack Daniel’s 10-Year-Old Batch 2 (as well as Jack Daniel’s 12-Year-Old Tennessee Whiskey).

We managed to get our hands on a bottle of Jack Daniel’s 10-Year-Old Batch 2 for a spirited tasting. Stick around for the highlights.

At a Glance

  • Distillery: Jack Daniel’s Distillery
  • Location: Lynchburg, Tennessee
  • Style: Tennessee Whiskey
  • Age: 10 Years
  • Mashbill: 80% corn, 12% malted barley, 8% rye
  • Proof: 97
  • MSRP: $70 (700 mL)
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Jack Daniel’s 10-Year-Old Batch 2: What We Say

Noseoak, cocoa powder, banana, baking spices, Play-Doh
Palatecharred oak, milk chocolate, caramel, Big Red, banana
Finishmedium, dry oak, tobacco, leather, banana
What You Can Expect to PayIf it’s anything like Jack 10 Batch 1, expect to pay $200-$400
Buy It: Now, Soon, Later, NeverSoon
Outsider Rating85/100

The nose on Jack 10 Batch 2 opens with immediate oak, followed by powdered hot-chocolate mix. Intermittent wafts of banana—which I get from many Jack expressions like SBBP—are present with delicious touches of baking spices, namely cinnamon and nutmeg. A deeper nosedise yields the vanilla brininess of—and this is a fun one—Play-Doh. Such an enjoyable nose, let’s hope the palate delivers.

Like the nose, charred oak is forefront on the palate. It’s an oak bomb. Light milk chocolate with caramel, like a Caramello candy, follows. The strength of the oak and sweetness of the milk chocolate/caramel are working together very nicely here, very balanced. A little bit of chewing brings out sweet cinnamon in the form of Big Red gum, with lingering notes of banana. It’s tasty.

The finish is medium with lots of dry oak. There’s a tingle of tobacco and bittersweet leather—and, of course, persisting banana. All in all, it’s another winning 10-year expression from Jack. It’s not the home run I think the 12-Year is, but 10-Year Batch 2 is a worthy purchase at $70. In addition, I think it’s aptly proofed at 97, in the sense that fans of Jack Single Barrel Select (94 proof) will really appreciate the light uptick.

What Jack Daniel’s Says About Jack 10 Batch 2

Introducing Batch 2 of Jack Daniel’s 10-Year-Old Tennessee Whiskey. The Jack Daniel Distillery is one of the most complete whiskey distilleries in the world, and we’re able to craft premium whiskeys in a way that honors our heritage while highlighting the modern-day world-class whiskey-making. To honor our distillery’s past, our Master Distiller, Chris Fletcher handcrafted these aged-stated whiskeys and evolved our whiskey process to achieve a rare flavor profile.

Recommended Sip

Neat. But the addition of an ice cube seems to mitigate the oak notes and bring out the sweetness of the milk chocolate and banana. Enjoyable, either way.

Reach to the Top Shelf for an Extra $10

If $10 is all that separates you from a bottle of Jack 10 and Jack 12 (that’s the MSRP difference), take the Jack 12 all day. It’s a home run of sweet cinnamon, rich créme brûlée, and savory oak. And it’s proofed perfectly at 107. An amazing sip.