Nashville Pizza Places: The Best Pizza in Music City, From Two Boots to Five Points

Jim Casey04/08/22

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Nashville‘s culinary claim to fame may be Hot Chicken, but don’t sleep on Music City’s pizza potential. Sure, sure, it’s not New York or Chicago, but Nashville boasts plenty of places to get a palatable pizza pie. In fact, Nashville is an all-around foodie destination now, so come visit us.

From Neapolitan to New York style, from Two Boots to Five Points, here are Outsider’s 5 Best Pizza Places in Nashville. And if you can’t get to Nashville, stick around and we’ll show you how to make your own pizza over the campfire.

5 Best Pizza Spots in Nashville

  • All-around: Five Points Pizza
  • Culinary experience: City House
  • Taste of Italy: DeSano Pizzeria
  • Variety: Two Boots Nashville
  • Full belly: Joey’s House of Pizza

Five Points Pizza

Whether at the original location in East Nashville’s Five Points neighborhood, or visiting their newer West Nash location, there isn’t anything close to a bad pizza on Five Points’ entire menu. They do NY-style right, while offering enough Southern flair to make what they do entirely their own. Be sure to try their meatball pie, as well as each of their different sauces—especially Thursday’s veggie pizza of the day. Their vodka sauce pizza delivers a kick. – Jon D.B.

City House

Even Nashville natives have a hard time locating City House in its nondescript location in the Germantown neighborhood. But don’t be fooled by the building when/if you find it. Because City House boasts one of the best culinary experiences in Nashville with James Beard Award-winning chef-owner Tandy Wilson. His brick oven churns out perfect thin-crust pizzas. And when the server asks if you want an egg on your Belly Ham pie, don’t even think about saying no. – Jim Casey

DeSano Pizzeria

  • Order: Margherita Classica
  • Website
  • Locations: 5055 Broadway Pl. & 115 16th Ave. S & 8129 Sawyer Brown Rd.
  • Socials: Facebook | Instagram |

I’ve feasted on Napoletana pizza while on the Amalfi Coast. While nothing will ever top that, DeSano Pizzeria will curb your Neapolitan cravings until you can spring for a trip to Italy. Stick to DeSano’s traditional wood-fired pizza selections: Margherita, Pomodorini, or Vedura. And add a couple of sides of meatballs to your order . . . and a pistachio cannoli. – Jim Casey

Two Boots

Two Boots seemingly came out of nowhere and immediately cemented itself as a Midtown staple. They stay open late and offer the best, most unique slice options—making them the perfect visit after taking on Midtown’s bustling bar scene. No other Nashville pizza joint offers such unique topping combinations, while keeping the taste so sublime. – Jon D.B.

Joey’s House of Pizza

The best part about Joey’s is that you can grab a slice, or sit down with a whole pie. There’s nothing like cheesy, meaty, toppings-loaded New York pizza when you’re in Music City. Let’s be honest, when I’m in Nashville, I need to fill up on carbs and meat and cheese before heading out to the next honky-tonk. Oh, and The Gladiator (a colossal assortment of pepperoni, sausage and mozzarella) will slay you. – Jonathan Howard

Make Your Own

You don’t need an overpriced pizza oven to make delicious wood-fired pie. You need fire . . . and a little patience.