People Call for States to Allow Craft Beer Delivery Services

Amy Myers03/10/22

(Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Whether you’re watching the game or are just too busy, sometimes the beer store isn’t a trip you can make. That’s why people are calling for their states to allow craft beer delivery services.

We already have delivery services for almost every other grocery need. From weeknight meals to home goods, nearly every product you can find in stores can make it to your doorstep. So why not add a six-pack to the mix?

According to the second annual Sovos ShipCompliant Beer DtC Shipping Report, many craft beer fanatics don’t differentiate between typical home products and alcohol when it comes to items they want to order for delivery services. A part of this report was the Harris Poll, an online survey that looked at 500 suds drinkers that consume craft beer at least once a month. The poll found that among these beer enthusiasts, beer is just as popular a ship-able product as wine, clothing, self-care products, paper products, cleaning products and food.

Of course, not every state is willing to open the doors to craft beer delivery services. According to Craft Brewing Business, only 11 states and D.C. allow for interstate direct-to-consumer (DtC) beer shipping. Meanwhile, 47 states and D.C. allow for wine shipping. In other words, only 14.8% of the over-21 population can grab a cold one from their doorstep. Whereas 96.7% can get their next bottle of vino through the mail.

Craft Beer Delivery Services Would Help Boost the Industry

Not surprisingly, craft beer delivery services would result in higher sales for these breweries. The Sovos survey also revealed that more than nine in 10 craft beer drinkers would order from a delivery service. Additionally, if they could, they would place an order at least once a month.

“In 2021, we discovered that the desire for DtC beer shipping skyrocketed due to the limitations on people accessing their favorite beverages in person,” said Larry Cormier, vice president and general manager, Sovos ShipCompliant. “In 2022, we took our research a step further to find out that 68% of regular craft beer drinkers who would like to purchase beer DtC say they would be willing to spend $50 or more a month – highlighting a lost opportunity for the craft brewing industry because the desire for DtC beer can’t be met in the current regulatory landscape.”

For craft breweries, delivery services would mean more ways to sustain their business, even when local sales aren’t great.

“Results from this year’s report give us an indication of just how much money is being left on the table for producers and states that forbid DtC beer shipping,” said Bart Watson, chief economist at the Brewers Association. “Based on the findings, it’s clear that expanding DtC shipping would meet consumer demand and boost craft brewery sales.”