Siete Leguas Siete Decades Blanco: 70th Anniversary Limited Edition Review


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Sip Outsider unapologetically favors Blancos as our favorite expression. Blancos are the brand’s purest representation of agave. Siete Leguas “Siete Décadas” enters the discussion as one of our overall favorites, receiving a 92 rating. 

Siete Décadas is a special edition Blanco made to honor the brand’s 70th anniversary. It uses Agave Criollo, which means agaves grown in the wild. Because the agaves are grown on the hillsides, the plant ripens more slowly – up to 10 years, producing smaller but richer pina. 

Quick Sips: 

  • 70,000 bottles were produced in honor of the brand, and 40,000 were sent to the US
  • 42% ABV (84-proof)
  • Priced between $120.00 to $140.00

Why we love Siete Décadas:

  • A traditional Blanco tequila crafted by one of the top overall distilleries 
  • It uses agave grown in the wild 
  • Loads of agave with a super long finish with noticeable citrus flavors
  • Drinks hotter than 84-proof
  • The bottle and packaging are perfection
  • It is available, and you can find it.. You just have to pay to play  

Should you Sip: 

If you love traditional Blancos loaded with agave and a definite citrus profile, Siete Décadas is for you. It is not like Siete Leguas’ standard Blanco – which you have probably had previously – so don’t let that shape your opinion. It is not as earthy or oily/minerally (uses only natural spring water) and has much more of a bold and lasting finish. Is it a value? That decision is solely up to you. Your budget is your business. We picked up a couple of bottles to Sip on for special occasions.

Siete Décadas comes in with a solid 92 rating, placing it as one of our top 5-10 overall Blancos, ranked favorably in the range of our all-time favorite tequilas, the G4 Blanco Madera, Fortaleza Blanco Still Strength, Cascahuin Tahona Blanco, and Wild Common Still Strength. 

The History of Siete Leguas:

Produced at NOM 1120, Tequila Siete Leguas is considered one of the top overall distilleries. Siete Leguas means seven leagues and was the name of Pancho Villa’s favorite house. It also is the distance a man can travel on a horse (21 miles) in one day. Since 1952, Siete Laguas has remained family-owned and operated, focused on traditional practices and the highest quality tequila. It has two distilleries located 150 yards apart and grows its own agaves in fields nearby. Siete Leguas is best known for producing the original Patron tequila from 1988 to 2002. Patron later opened their own distillery, as Siete Leguas couldn’t keep up with demand. That hasn’t stopped the family from continuing to produce great tequila.