Tepetán Margarita Mix Review: We Tried All Flavors of the Texas-Based Cold-Pressed Cocktail Mixer

Mireille Olivo02/22/23

Courtesy, Tepetan Mixers

A margarita is one of the most common cocktails associated with tequila. Though the history of the margarita is muddled with different legends and years of twists on the lime-based cocktail have mixed in frozen elements and different fruits, the classic tequila drink remains popular today. It’s an enjoyable sip at any time of year.

For those that love margaritas, but struggle to make one, pre-made mixers are an absolute must. With so many on the market (many of which are sugary, hangovers in a bottle) it’s tough to even begin to select a go-to storebought mix.

A Dallas-based company called Tepetan cold press cocktail mixers has one of the newest margarita mixes on the market. As the husband-wife duo founders Chris and Elsa DeGroot say, “margaritas have been a family hobby since before we were a family.” They also say, “Whining about how tedious it is to make fresh margaritas is also a family hobby.” 

We have consistently been told by bartenders that fresh lime juice is best, homemade simple syrups are easier, and margaritas are best fresh. However, like myself, Tepetan recognizes that “sometimes we don’t want a challenge, we want a margarita.” A margarita isn’t my kind of challenge.

In my pursuit to try the best margarita mix (yes bartenders, because I’m lazy), I got to try and review their four flavors: Spa Day – Cucumber Mint, Hot Tin Roof – Pineapple Jalapeno, The Classic – Lime Sour, and Don Paco – Orange Pineapple. I used the same tequila, Arette Blanco for each pour (but feel free to try these with any of our recommended Blanco tequilas)

My Favorite: Spa Day – Cucumber Mint

I don’t think I understood how refreshing and invigorating cucumber was in a margarita. Not only was this my favorite out of the bunch, but this was also my favorite margarita from any pre-made mix I’ve tried.  Often in cucumber margaritas, the cucumber flavor gets lost. However, this mixer equally celebrated both flavors. The juice was incredible on its own without mixing with tequila as well.  

The Most Surprising: Hot Tin Roof – Pineapple Jalapeño

I’ve had many spicy margaritas, but this one surprised me the most. The flavors in Hot Tin Roof were equally as spicy as it was sweet. The pineapple tasted like it was juiced at the peak of ripeness. The spice tasted like biting into a true fresh jalapeño with bite. If you’re a spicy margarita lover, I’m sorry to get you hooked on this incredible mix. You won’t be able to turn back to anything else! 

The Bold One: The Classic – Lime Sour

The Classic tasted like I spent the full day slicing and squeezing limes before serving this. The citrus lime flavor is very strong and sour. For my next one, I would temper it with more ice, splash of water, and tequila. 

The Most Fun: Don Paco – Orange Pineapple

This one was unique and fun! I hadn’t had an orange pineapple margarita before and it did not disappoint. It’s on the sweeter side but there is still a robust lime flavor that reminds you that this is a margarita. That being said, I am looking forward to trying this with the owners’ recommendation of prosecco or rum with this mixer. 

These juices are cold-pressed, are exposed to as little oxygen as possible, and are 55% fruit juice. The 12 oz bottles each serve about 4 servings of margaritas – enough for a happy hour or two. Given the benefits of cold-pressed juice plus the fresh taste, I would recommend Tepetan cold press mixers.

Tepetan is currently available in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex, but is expanding to nationwide shipping soon. Click here for a list of stores that currently carry up to 28 oz. bottles – Yum! I call dibs on the first order outside of Texas.