Thomas Rhett Talks Origin of Dos Primos Tequila, New Añejo Expression, Bringing Families Together & More [Part I]

Thomas Rhett Talks Origin of Dos Primos Tequila, New Añejo, More

(Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images for Camp Dos Primos)

Singer/songwriter Thomas Rhett has scored 20 No. 1 hits on the country charts over the last decade. But TR’s latest release is his tastiest. Earlier this month, Thomas Rhett released Dos Primos Tequila Añejo, the third expression from the tequila company he founded with his cousin Jeff Worn in 2019. Dos Primos is Spanish for “Two Cousins.”

Dos Primos is distilled at Destiladora Gonzalez Lux, located just outside the city of Arandas, Mexico. Rodolfo González, a third-generation master distiller, worked with the two cousins to create the expressions.

Made from 100 percent blue agave sourced from estates in Los Altos and the valley area of Jalisco, Mexico, Dos Primos released a Blanco Tequila in 2021, followed by a Reposado Tequila in 2022. The new Dos Primos Añejo has been aged for 13-plus months in used bourbon barrels.

photo by Outsider

Fresh off an international tour that took him to England, Ireland, Scotland, and Canada, Outsider caught up to Thomas Rhett to find out more about his foray into the agave-soaked waters of tequila, his brand-new Dos Primos Añejo, and more in Part I of our interview. Check back for Part II next week.

1. Growing up in Tennessee—generally considered whiskey/bourbon country—what was it about tequila that made you want to start Dos Primos?

Thomas Rhett: My cousin Jeff and I had the idea to start our own tequila brand after we went on a family trip together. We were skiing in Telluride, Colorado, and when we went out to eat, our server brought a bunch of tequilas to our table for us to try. It really got us thinking that we could have a lot of fun creating our own. We had always wanted to go into business together in one way or another. So it seemed like a natural fit for us. We believed that we could make a tequila high in quality and as good on the rocks or neat as a Tennessee or Kentucky whiskey/bourbon. And over the next few years, we believe we did just that with Dos Primos.

2. Were you interested in tequila before Dos Primos?

Thomas Rhett: Lauren, my wife, loved tequila first. In more recent years, Lauren, Jeff, and myself started drinking different tequilas and learning more about it overall. To drink tequila is to taste the land where it was made—the sun, soil, the water. The more you know about something, the more you can appreciate it, especially tequila.

3. Care to share a tequila story from your younger days?

Thomas Rhett: All I can say is that at this stage in my life, I can really appreciate a quality tequila and all that goes into it!

4. The legendary tequila family González is attached to Dos Primos. I imagine you let master distiller Rodolfo González work his magic. What are some of the things you bring to the table for the brand?

Thomas Rhett: I love that we get to create with the González family because this is a family endeavor for me too. It’s been a true collaboration with them from the beginning. We’ve really enjoyed getting to work together and lean on all of their expertise. We also brought our vision to the table of wanting to create a tequila that could be enjoyed by people who might usually reach for something else.

People don’t usually associate tequila with fishing, sitting around a bonfire, or the lifestyle that Jeff and I grew up with, and we hope to change that. We just wanted to create a tequila that would bring people together, and Rodolfo understood that right away. We know the ingredients, where they came from, and that it is a part of bringing families together. Dos Primos is additive-free and we use 100 percent blue agave. I’m really proud of how all three Dos Primos products turned out.

5. This month you introduced Dos Primos’ third expression, Tequila Añejo, which has been aged for 13 months. What do you personally enjoy about the añejo?

photo by Outsider

Thomas Rhett: I love how smooth our añejo is. We tried different ages and this was the one that really hit for both Jeff and me. It’s great on the rocks, so to have an actual sipping tequila is something I’m super excited about.

Stay tuned for Part II of our interview with Thomas Rhett next week.