Whiskey Sip-Off: Old Grand-Dad Bonded vs. Old Grand-Dad 114

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It’s a Sip-Off. It doesn’t have the pageantry of a Zoolander Walk-Off, but today we’re pitting a couple of OGs against each other: Old Grand-Dad Bonded vs. Old Grand-Dad 114.

Check out our head-to-head comparison, in-depth review of each, and the Sip-Off winner.

SipOffOGD BondedOGD 114
Noselight ethanol, piney, cherry, Honey Grahams, rye spicemedium-light alcohol, shortcake, tobacco, rye spice
Palatemild tannins, cinnamon, honey, citrus, Red Vinesvanilla, almond, lemon zest, Cherry Creamsicle, ginger candy
Finish medium-long, leather, nutty, Honey Grahamsmedium, caramel, oak, tobacco, ginger

Old Grand-Dad Bonded

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Old Grand-Dad’s nose opens with light ethanol and some piney wood. A couple of deeper wafts reveal light cherry and a bit of baked honey sweetness, like delicious Honey Grahams. Rounding out the nose is some definite rye spice, which isn’t surprising, considering the high-rye mash bill. All in all, the nose is rather enjoyable.

On the palate, mild tannins immediately hit the tip of the tongue. It’s both shocking and refreshing, like jumping into a cold pool during summertime. But now that the tongue is immersed, the flavors really start to develop with cinnamon, honey, and citrus—both lemon and orange. A bit of chewing evokes more honey and a hint of Red Vines candy with its subtle cherry and faint licorice.

The medium-long finish caps the enjoyable sip with some earthiness in the forms of leather and raw nuts—or maybe edamame—and more of that Honey Grahams sweetness.

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Old Grand-Dad 114

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Old Grand-Dad 114 opens with medium-light alcohol on the nose, followed by the sweetness of fresh-baked shortcake—vanilla, baking spices (nutmeg and cinnamon), and a hint of strawberry. A deeper nosedive yields sweet tobacco and rye spice. Nice.

On the palate, OGD114 delivers the vanilla from the nose with some raw nuttiness and a tinge of heat in the form of lemon zest. A bit of chewing evokes a Cherry Creamsicle. It’s not overly cherry, but the stone fruit is present with more vanilla creaminess. And then the rye spice shines in the form of ginger candy—both spicy and sweet—as well as a little earthy.

The finish is medium, with more notes of caramel and spicy ginger, as well as a return of the tobacco from the nose.

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Sip-Off Winner

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This was a very close Sip-Off. Almost too close to call. You really can’t go wrong with either Old Grand-Dad. Both OGD Bonded and OGD 114 are so solid, especially for $24 and $30, respectively, which is what we paid.

Old Grand-Dad Bonded is a better value buy. But for an added $6, Old Grand-Dad 114 gives ya a bit more depth on the palate—cherry, vanilla, ginger, and caramel creaminess—and a cleaner finish. And, I love the look of the stubby OGD 114 bottle atop my bar. OGD 114 wins by a nose.