About SIP

Sip Outsider is a platform created to foster a community of experts, influencers, and sippers focusing on tequila and whiskey with an occasional exploration into other spirits and beer. Editorial content, social series, and an interactive database create an all-encompassing experience to equip consumers with the proper knowledge to make the best purchase for their personal palate.

Hosted by Outsider Media, Sip weaves through all Outsider categories. Sipping is a visible connector of lifestyle lanes: in the stands of a ballgame, in the crowd of a concert, or simply on the couch celebrating a hard week’s work.

Our Why

The tequila and whiskey market is exploding. In 2022, the spirits industry surpassed beer in sales as the highest alcohol; for the first time in American history, liquor owns the market. Tequila and whiskey were huge drivers of that growth: The two accounted for 57% of the spirit industry’s $3.8 billion sales growth in 2022. Tequila sales grew 17.2% and whiskey increased 10.5%.

But more than sales, the community in this industry is growing: people are talking and posting about the bottles they purchase, interest is growing in the brand histories, and spirits tourism (distillery tours, etc) is skyrocketing. We aim to inform and entertain these consumers, so they can find and purchase the bottle that is made for their liking while connecting with other Sippers worldwide.

Our Values

  • Personal yet Communal
    We celebrate personal taste preferences while sipping as a community. Whether you sip or mix, this is an individual yet shared experience.
  • Sipping & Sharing, not Hoarding & Storing
    Bottles are to be enjoyed, not collected, stored and resold.
  • Stories Enhance the Sip
    The bottles we share have unique histories and origins. we hope you sip them while creating stories of your own.
  • A Universal Connector
    This is the thread that connects Outsider Media categories and harnesses a global community.
  • Educating While Enjoying
    We aim to help equip consumers with the knowledge needed to make the best purchase.

Our Team

For the Sip Outsider team, this truly is a global exploration of the spirits world. Our contributors have boots on the ground at distilleries in the hills of Jalisco as well as in the barrel warehouses of Louisville. We are truly immersed in the industry so we can deliver a 360 view of the spirits industry to consumers.

Our storytelling ideology is simple: stories are best told from the mouths of their main characters. We aim to help the main characters (and overlooked sidekicks) tell the stories of their craft with multi-dimensional content.

Our team’s home base may be in Nashville, but at any given time, you may find us in Oaxaca or Hawaii or Scotland or Texas or Jalisco or Kentucky… Drop a pin on the map. That place has a spirited story, and we’re likely headed there soon.


Shannon Terry, Founder & Advisor
Created Outsider and On3 after 25 years of successfully building digital media properties and large, endemic audiences. Previous companies include Rivals.com, 247Sports, and ComicBook.com. Collector and fanatic of traditional tequila brands G4, Tapatio, and Wild Common.

Caroline Bynum, Publisher
Caroline began as a managing editor at Outsider, helped launch On3 with socials and fan site onboarding, and now leads all things Sip Outsider. Caroline loves fresh margaritas, clean tequila, and isn’t afraid of high-proof bourbon.


Lucas Assis, Tequila Content Contributor
A bartender-turned-full-time-content-creator, Lucas Assis has a love for creating, sharing, and sipping craft spirits and cocktails. He has amassed a huge following on his TikTok and Instagram accounts, but prefers the word “tequila guide” rather than “influencer’ or “expert.” He knows there is always more to learn and aims to guide others in discovering their perfect pour.

Mireille Olivo, Tequila Content Contributor
While her first experience with tequila was bad liquor in college, Mireille’s eyes were opened to the beauty of agave spirits when her parents moved to Jalisco in 2020. She is certified in Tequila Culture by the Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT) and helps educate others through her @la.tequilana TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Jeff Bradford, Spirits Travel and Education Content Contributor
A 20-year military veteran and certified badass, Jeff sold everything he owned to travel the world and tell the stories behind spirits labels. He completely immerses himself in the cultures that have crafted the spirits we enjoy and prioritizes hands-on learning to share visual stories on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.


Jim Casey, Whiskey & Music Writer
Jim covers all things country music AND whiskey for Outsider. He has spent nearly 20 years covering country music and has a damn impressive whiskey palate. Jim loves George Dickel, Dwight Yoakam, and cast iron cooking.

Brandon Chesbro, Producer

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